Friday, 12 April 2013

Belated Blogging

Belated blogging - I have not blogged for ages and have withdrawal symptoms. I have no new art to show you. I have done a little bit of monotone sketching but my camera is in the car, I am down in my studio and it is raining!
This is an oil sketch I did back in the summer, she is such a fantastic model, who knows just how to position her body and her facial expressions are magical. I haven't caught her features correctly, they are too harsh here, I will get on to it....promise.
This is my first visit to the studio in a week - I have been organising a soup and sweet fund raising event for our drawing group. I created and printed out 200 tickets, created, printed and laminated umpteen posters, sent countless emails to the group members and even made my first batch of soup (in the freezer). I made it to Tai Chi this week....loved it!
This afternoon, Liz and I made a visit to the kitchen at the bowling club where we are holding the event, to see how it runs etc. We had coffee out in Mulberries (Liz's paintings are now on show) and toured the galleries before heading home. The Whitehouse Gallery have asked for 10 paintings for the Xmas Exhibition so I will have to get busy!
Tonight I decided to try and make a start on a piece for "Hidden High St" the exhibition I am involved in, this October - after 2 wipers, I am giving up the ghost for today!
I miss writing my blog but feel unless I have a painting to post no one will want to read it!
My four "young" students have been getting on great on Friday mornings, their colour mixing is coming on a treat! They are a joy!
Last Friday was a different story - I felt so ill, I just wanted to slide down and lie on the floor! Stupidly I had overdosed on medication for my acid stomach! I didn't realise that I wasn't to take them both together! I know, read the guidelines in the box!!!! The phrase older and wiser doesn't seem to apply to me! Being called ccentric is fine by me, just plain stupid doesn't have much of a ring to it! Put it down to my artistic temperament!