Sunday, 17 January 2016

Update New Studio

I am loving my new studio, even though I climb many stairs to get to my door....that alone will be getting me fit, hopefully!
I had my second week of classes on Friday , all my students have embraced the new space too, it's almost a party atmosphere , certainly plenty of chat and painting! 
It is so warm and cosy, yesterday I got down to the building at 8.15am and stayed all day.....I was deeply

engrossed in what I was doing , I didn't realise it was snowing heavily! I had to leave the car there and walk home, before I got snowed in too!
I have my new boombar ( Xmas present) linked into my phone, so can listen while I paint, to the radio, podcasts and my Spotify music, they all sound great.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Portrait Commission

This little fella was one of the portraits I was commissioned to paint for Christmas. I love portraits and usually use pastels but I used my oils this year and had so much fun!
I do find the Christmas deadline very stressful, every year I tell myself, this year will be different.....but it never works out that way!
The little boy came to see me with his Granny and I took a lot of photos! I also had the opportunity to gain an insight into his personality. I was commissioned to paint his cousin too. These boys are the same age but couldn't look or act more different!
Usually with childrens' portraits, I am working from the client's photos. I found with me taking the photos, meeting the little ones, I learnt so much more and it all helped me when I was painting!

January 2016 Classes

The new term begins in less than a week, just a few spaces left. If you live near and would like to join us, please contact me by phone or email.

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Studio

I have taken the plunge and am now renting a studio away from my home! I got the keys before Christmas but having had a horrible virus, that's still clinging on, it's taking me a while to move my stuff in! The studio is at the top of the building too, so I have a lot of stairs to climb with each car load!
Deciding what to move, what to keep in my garden studio, has been long drawn! I have had feelings of guilt on moving from my lovely shedio, who has served me well.
In the end, I decided all drawing and paint related items were moving downtown. My shedio will be my printing workshop and also any framing etc can now be comfortably carried out in the space left. I can do all the messy preparation of boards etc in there too.
I have been renting a space each week for my classes but can now hold them in the new studio. I'm planning small workshops, up to six people and hope to get a bit of private life drawing going on there too, sharing the model with maybe a couple of other artists, spreading the cost.
I hope to keep you abreast of it all, as it unfolds in 2016
Happy New Year to you all xx