Monday, 29 December 2014

Hare Today, More Tomorrow!

I have neglected my blog of late, I apologise to all my followers! For many years I have promised myself I would paint hares. Born in the month of March, my granny called me a Mad March Hare! I have always been fascinated by them. I done several several sketches of hares and even tried hare Linocuts.  This is the start of my first hare painting, he is appearing before my eyes, as if I have no part in it! It is a 'he", in my mind, for whatever reason.... I am painting with oil on watercolour paper, a fairly new venture too!
I use W&N Artisan Water Mixable Oils but have changed the medium I use with them. I always used the quick drying medium, which leaves the surface with a slight sheen, resembling a faint varnish. 
I wanted to try my oils at our life drawing sessions and thought I'd try Artisans Safflower Oil, to aid the flow of paint, when I was working against the clock!
 The safflower oil was very successful and also dries with the same slight sheen. I love how the paint feels as I apply it to board or paper.