Friday, 22 April 2016

Feel the Need in Me!

Feel the need in me....I'm singing this my head! This year, the year I promised myself, I would NOT paint flowers, this is the year of experimentation ......I just had to .....I needed to.....paint flowers!
I've never stopped peering in the florists window, just checking what they had in stock.
Everyone who knows me, knows I love the colour " magenta", so I really couldn't walk past these chrysanthemums!
I had a long narrow prepared board, larger than I normally paint and it just felt right for this painting!
I've had two days at it now and have decided to have a break and come back after the weekend and see how much I want to add or change. I have loved painting them and I can tell you I have thrown chrysanthemum paintings in the bin before now, as I have never rendered them in a way that excites me!
I'm happy with these ones

1 comment:

  1. I wandered around your art places to refresh and catch up when I happened upon this amazing painting. it looks absolutely fabulous and your handling of the magenta is wonderful. Looks like a fairly limited palette too.
    Your nude is beautifully sensitive - I love line work like that.