Sunday, 28 September 2014

Last Sketchbook Saturday of the Summer

Sketchbook Saturday 27 Sep
Broughton House and Garden
The sun didn't shine for us but that didn't deter our artists from sketching in the garden! Some decided to sketch in Hornels Studio too!
Thank you to everyone who came along on that day and to all the other Sketchbook Saturday's held this summer.
A big thank you also to Sheila from Broughton House and her staff for making us so welcome! The coffee and biscuits were gratefully received too!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sketchbook Saturday Broughton House Kirkcudbright

Broughton House and Garden Sketchbook Saturday
Saturday 27 September 10am-12noon £10

Come along this Saturday, this is the last Sketchbook Saturday of the season! Believe me it is a real treat to sit and sketch in this beautiful garden! If the weather is against us we can go inside and sketch in Hornel's studio and gallery!
Pm me to book and for more details or ring on 01557 331313 or 07845306818

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Today's the Day Scotland

Whatever the outcome of today's vote, please let PEACE reign, in our glorious land. I've never felt so nervous about a political situation in my life!
We have got to the point we can't trust our UK politicians, they feed us lies, it won't be any different if we get independence , Scottish politicians do the same, where have all the good people gone?

Friday, 12 September 2014

Painting on the Back Burner

I managed to get some painting done today, I am so far behind getting work ready for my gallery's Xmas exhibition! No painting done on Wednesday, no painting done yesterday. The reason for me not being in the studio .... See below!
Meet my newest grandson, born yesterday to my son and his wife, who've waited nine long years for this moment, there is such joy in our family on his arrival!
Logan James Milligan

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wednesday 10th September Open Studio Afternoon

My Studio Open Afternoon - Wednesday 10th September! 1-5pm
14 Stirling Crescent, Kirkcudbright

All welcome! Come along for a chat and a cuppa, have a look at how I work and the mess I make!

Directions - follow the sign for the Golf Course (near St Mary Service Station) head on up to the top of the hill, past the golf clubhouse entrance, the golf course is on your right, Stirling Crescent is on your left. My banner will be on the gate. The studio is at the bottom of the rear garden!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Still on the Copper

I'm still plodding away with this painting of my copper pots. I was at a loss what to paint and had spent a few hours in my studio, looking for inspiration and had decided that perhaps, I was done with Still Life!
I took myself down to the studio one evening, still looking for the elusive idea! My eye caught my collection of smaller copper pieces that I had strung on a piece of purple ribbon hanging in front of the window! Why hadn't I noticed them before? 
I think I had to view them with the dark of the evening behind them, to see something new in the copper.
So I am only painting whilst it is dark outside, hence the very early mornings - a nap is necessary at some point during the day, as I am back out painting in the evening!
I still have loads to do, the little jug base is all about suffering,for your art!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day Three 5am Start!

I have had to come back into the house to have my porridge, it is decidedly chilly in the studio this morning! Goose pimples everywhere!
My new full spectrum tubes are in and the light is just delightful, like someone pulling back the curtains and letting inthe sunlight! I needed to renew a lightfitting too unfortunately, thank goodness for brothers!
I scared myself to death at 5am, trekking to the bottom of the garden in the dark, I reached the studio to see a glowing red light inside! Eek! Fire!
I'd left the torch inside, with the red light setting on!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Dawn Patrol

This is the second morning getting up at 5am to paint! I have loads of work to do for an upcoming exhibition and have been feeling the strain! Nothing was inspiring me, no flowers left in my garden....on top of that the BIG vote is coming up and I am no further forward in making a decision.
 I was a NO initially but after reading lots of stuff, watching the dreadful TV debates and talking to as many people as I can, I am in the "dinnae ken" camp (don't know for non Scottish speaking)
I had to remove my particular dislike of Alex Salmond from the equation but I'm still on the fence!
Now I'm set for a day of bookkeeping.....hate it so