Saturday, 19 October 2013


We came back today from a week down in the Cotswolds, spending the time with our daughter and our wonderful wee grandson! B has been working very hard and I was needing scraped from the ceiling getting ready for  2 exhibitions, we both were in need of the break. The cottage was gorgeous and Oliver a joy!
I knew I was stressed before we headed off but didn't realise just how much!- I took a medicine bottle for my tummy and anti inflamatory cream and painkillers for my shoulders! I didn't use them once! My shoulders had been aching from so much painting!
I could do with a course on meditation and chuck the medication!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hidden High St

From the heart of the Cotswolds I write this blog - I wish I could lift this cottage and plonk it on top of my house and move in!
Unfortunately there is a lot of glare in my photo of my High St Tulips.

These glass floats are from the High St too - I love outdoor still life! These 2 paintings are on show and for sale at the Hidden High St Exhibition at the Tolooth, Kirkcudbright

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Custom House Art Group Exhibition

At the Tolbooth Art Centre, starting Wednesday 16th October. Mike Quirk, Margaret S Milligan, Pauline Lawton, Liz Dagg, Oriol Milligan and Pauline Saul - we have met at Custom House in the High St, Kirkcudbright for 5 years and this is our first joint venture.
Come along - we are all very different artists!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Mother and Baby Life Drawing

This young lady modelled for us whilst expecting her baby and promised to come along once she had had the baby!
I used the new water soluble medium nibbed pen on good quality cartridge paper. Not my usual style but I enjoyed making the marks - we had to work fast as the baby kept moving, as you may imagine!

The final pose Ros and her daughter settled down, the heat of the room and a feed made the little one sleepy so I managed to get something down that perhaps reads as being a little more peaceful than the fast and furious previous sketches of the evening. Such an enjoyable session, we felt very privileged!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Life Drawing Kat

This is just the greatest model, she is so intuative. She knows how to position her body to give us the best drawing experiences. she takes it so seriously and we all love her to bits!

I am loving life drawing this session as I no longer have to come up with the poses! Some of the other artists are taking turns!
There is such a lot of work involved organising the two life drawing blocks of 10 sessions as well as the ongoing work involved each week. On top of getting organised for 2 upcoming exhibitions, it has been particularly hard work this time!  BUT I love, love, love life drawing, especially with models like this. 
The pose below is my favourite so far. Who knew wrapping the end of a length of fabric round your head and trailing around your body could look so fantastic? Kat did! Thank you goes to Isobel for all her work with Kat coming up with all these poses too!