Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kirkcudbright Art and Craft Trail 3 days to go!

Three days to go- now, don't throw this back at me at a later date - I feel quite organised!!! Well today at least!
More scones made, cream and jam bought. Lesley, Becky and I are getting the kids "have a go at collage" stuff all ready. Extra chairs for the garden have been brought down from the loft. 
I have cleaned the studio - hope you can see the difference! Sadie came over to see the space on Sunday evening and she met the girls again. She has a bubbly personality and her cushions, quilts etc are gorgeous. She likes to use bright colours so come along to see her cheery home furnishings and gifts. Lesley and Becky have made small gifts to compliment their jewellery ranges. I will have my latest small oil paintings out on show. All our stuff is for sale too! Cream teas served 11-5pm Friday to Monday. Dogowners, don't think the Trail isn't for you - your best friend is welcome at Venue 69!!!!

There is much to do, still, but it all seems possible that now!!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Countdown to Art Trail 8 to go

I had a bit of a panicky morning yesterday - will I ever get everything done and NOT be completely shattered on day one of the Kirkcudbright Arts and Craft Trail 4 day event?

The frames had one coat of paint yesterday, I have been down this morning (5am) and given them a second coat. Hopefully they will be dry enough this evening for me to sand them and give them a final 3rd coat of paint!
You know when you start tidying up or clearing out a cupboard and you are in a bigger mess than when you started - that is where I am in the process of tidying up my studio - the photo shows the state it is in!! That is the tidy side, over on the left the frames are drying and by the door I have piles of stuff that need to be placed somewhere else for the duration!! I have been trying to eat porridge at the same as time as blogging - impossible, by the way! I vacate the kitchen when B gets up as he spreads himself and his "stuff" from one end of the kitchen to the other. He like the TV on, I prefer the radio.... we do get on, honestly, just not first thing in the morning!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Life Drawing Workshop

I hadn't done any life drawing since March so was feeling very apprehensive about our one day workshop on Saturday. 

I used a thicker pen than usual on watercolour paper - these were all quick poses, 5 or 10 minutes - Kat hadn't been  modelling for a while but you would never have known, she is so good - naturally aware how to place her body and looks relaxed, every time.

We used our new fullsized easels - we raised the money to buy them by holding a soup and sweet event earlier this year. B helped transport the easels and get the hall all ready, I could never have done it without him.

I used gouache on the top coloured piece then used my pen on top. The last piece was done in the afternoon, using my oils - it is really only an oil sketch but hope to work on it later in the year.
Kat is wearing her vintage belly dancer's costume. I haven't done it justice, I loved the subtle colours.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Rusty Life Drawing

 I haven't done any life drawing since March and with a one day workshop coming up on Saturday, I thought I would get my watercolours and gouache out and do a little exercise!

The sketch on the left is done is gouache, not a medium I have used often.
The sketch on the right is done in watercolour - it was done first and I can see how hesitant I was with the strokes, compared to the second one.

The gouache didn't feel nearly so good to apply and is a wee bit too yellow in the mix. I could feel myself warming to it but will try a bigger brush and bigger sheet of paper later.

So looking forward to Saturday........using the new easels we worked hard to buy, for the first time!!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

How'd you get up there?

I love this little painting - the bottle was another car boot find, and of course, my little friends, cherries! I am desperate to get into the studio and paint but it is so HOT!! I put the fan on but stuff ended up flying all over the place!
The Kirkcudbright Country Fair is on this weekend - Sat and Sun 10am-4pm. I will be in the Art and Craft Trail tent demonstrating my painting techniques and promoting my classes and my Venue NUMBER 69 - remember NUMBER 69!!!! At my venue there will be Lesley Milligan and Becky Evans showing their fabulous jewellery and gifts, Sadie Ann Wishart exhibiting for the first time, her gorgeous gifts, all sewn by her fair hand.
As usual CREAM TEAS will be served all day (homemade scones - by me) and this year the children can "have a go" at COLLAGE!

So come along to the Country Fair this weekend and get a preview and maybe put your name down for a class!!!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lilac Orange

This little 6"x6" oil on board was a pleasure to paint! I bought this little vase at our last car boot sale, I love it - this month's car boot sale is on Sunday - can't wait!!! B loves them too, so he goes his way and I go mine and who ever runs out of money first goes to find the other!(We have a budget)
B hates the way I zig-zag from side to side down each lane of the car boot - it's how I like to look! He heads straight down one side of the lane and back up the other! How do you like to browse?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Sad Farewell

Unfortunately my poor friend Ginger from Denver has passed away, after an unfortunate accident in her home. This little flower is for her. She was always there, encouraging me to keep on painting - I first met her at a Sally Strand workshop in Colorado in 2008 - she was the star pupil!She will be sadly missed..