Thursday, 18 February 2016

Life Drawing and Summer Workshops

I have spent the winter running two life drawing groups, all untutored. Both groups are held on a Wednesday this winter, thankfully. So no need to set up fourteen easels, chairs, two large plinths out two days! I set up in the afternoon for the 3pm group and leave everything in place for the 7pm group!
I do find it very difficult to relax completely whilst drawing from the model, I'm always thinking about the next pose, putting the kettle on for the break, etc etc.

This summer I have a whole programme of tutored workshops, including beginners life drawing , being held in my new studio. It is a beautifully sunny space, not large, right at the top of the building.
If you are interested in any of the workshops listed below, please go to my website for further details etc.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pastel Pleasure

I haven't moved all my art materials into my new studio yet...I don't want to clutter the space..It helps to find some space in my head to think.
My beloved Terry Ludwig pastels moved in today...I bought them in the US five years ago. They are so luscious and full of pure pigment and when I use them, they bring back happy memories of the artists I met across there, sadly one no longer with us.
I use Unison pastels too, made very near where I live. All you artists in the US are so lucky, the range of gorgeous pastels is fantastic plus the variety of paper available is vast. I envy you all! I wish we could get Kitty Wallis paper here in the UK
I now find I need my pastel pencils.......where are they? In my old studio of course!
My colour choices are in the dish on the to get started, it's been a while.....

Monday, 1 February 2016

2016 Workshops and Studio

I spent last week painting in my new studio, I had great fun, just experimenting. It has taken a good month to feel settled. I am still bringing the odd item from my shedio, my hand mirror, for instance, crucial, especially painting portraits. It is amazing how you can work on a piece for hours and think you have captured exactly what you intended but a quick look at it through the mirror and the mistakes are glaringly obvious! It is a very useful piece of kit!
I have a new venue for my first workshop of 2016, Glentrool Gallery and Craft Shop, my tried and tested , "Painting in a Day" one day oil painting. If you live in the area, why not give it a go!