Monday, 30 November 2015

Christmas cards

I've been busy with Christmas portrait commissions but I had promised myself that this year I would design and print my own cards.
Printing is still a fairly new skill, if I could go as far as to call it a skill, in my case but I had an idea in my head for a design, based on mistletoe and had even decided on the colour theme.  
On Thursday I had my monthly meet with a group of local artists, where we chat, work and generally catch up. I seldom do any work as I am chatting far too much! This time I went prepared to start to sketch out my ideas. I completed the design on Friday evening, cut the Lino on Saturday evening and tonight I started printing........boy, it's a slow process!
I'm lucky enough to have shared ownership of an old bookpress or it probably would have taken even longer to print.
I am pleased with the outcome, they are not particularly intricate, but based on my skill set , I'm happy with the result, I hope my family and friends will like them too!