Tuesday, 12 March 2013

News Update

Life has been pretty hectic lately and not much painting being done! This has to change.........
Things are going well with my coffee shop exhibition and on the back of it a gallery has approached me to show my work in their Christmas Exhibition! I am so excited as I LOVE this gallery, the look of it, the smell of it, the work obviously, just everything about it!Click on this link and have a look www.whitehousegallery.co.uk

I have been making new kitchen chair seat covers from a pair of crushed velvet curtains, knitting for my new grandson and having fun with my students as they progress on their artistic journeys!
I have to plan my advertisement for Art and Craft Trail 2013 Brochure, make more frames, and most importantly of all, start painting!!!!!!!


  1. the gallery is impressive but nothing is as impressive as Master Oliver Samuel

  2. Wow! so many things going on! Big congratulations on your gorgeous grandchild, he is beautiful. And also - well done on the gallery, I hope it is very successful for you. BTW I like your charity shop mug picture, nicely painted mug, and nice find!

  3. Hi Evie, thank you so much - happily they are all good things that are happening! I am painting.. I feel a post coming on!