Sunday, 23 June 2013

Crazy Daisy

This flower is called Crazy Daisy and I love the colour! The little glass jar is an Colman's Mustard container. This painting is dedicated to Ginger, a dear sweet friend who is so poorly in Colorado after a tragic accident
It has been like an Autumn day here so have been in the studio since 9am! My shoulders are aching but have managed to complete 2 small paintings, gessoed a load of boards. I've taken photos of my latest works, glued and clamped up a frame and NOT tidied up! I shall head up to the house very shortly, it has been a long but productive day!
I had a great day out sketching with Liz and Susan on Wednesday, though I did have one sunburnt lower leg! I thought I had put sunscreen on all the exposed areas, obviously not. I have been out sketching more and more and am trying not to be intimidated by passersby. In my next post I will let you see a small oil I have completed, of trees very near to me - I have sketched them a good few times, it definately makes a difference.

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