Monday, 29 December 2014

Hare Today, More Tomorrow!

I have neglected my blog of late, I apologise to all my followers! For many years I have promised myself I would paint hares. Born in the month of March, my granny called me a Mad March Hare! I have always been fascinated by them. I done several several sketches of hares and even tried hare Linocuts.  This is the start of my first hare painting, he is appearing before my eyes, as if I have no part in it! It is a 'he", in my mind, for whatever reason.... I am painting with oil on watercolour paper, a fairly new venture too!
I use W&N Artisan Water Mixable Oils but have changed the medium I use with them. I always used the quick drying medium, which leaves the surface with a slight sheen, resembling a faint varnish. 
I wanted to try my oils at our life drawing sessions and thought I'd try Artisans Safflower Oil, to aid the flow of paint, when I was working against the clock!
 The safflower oil was very successful and also dries with the same slight sheen. I love how the paint feels as I apply it to board or paper. 


  1. I have to say I adore this hare. His ears are especially marvelous.
    Will you name him because he looks so real? Next question is... will you be able to part with your
    very first hare? I know I would not be able to.

    1. Thank you Julie, I hope to get back to him, sometimes this week! The family are still with me! Xx

  2. isnt he grand! I think he needs to stay with you, at least for now; this is your totem animal, apparently, and has been waiting a very long time. This is, judging by the ears and the Look, not a Hare to be reckoned with...

  3. I may keep him mittens, the first of anything is always special, isn't it?