Monday, 5 October 2015

Linocut Preparations

It's been many weeks since I've been in the studio, working. I've tidied up and prepared for my new teaching term but haven't been producing any art!
Yesterday I spent  the day drawing and placing, drawing and erasing, planning a new Linocut design. I love Nasturtiums, which is just as well because there isn't much else in my garden at this time. I love the shapes, how they twist and trail and of course, the yummy colours of the flowers, from creamy yellows through to the darkest reds, with all the vibrant shades in between.
I am heading away next week to study with a printer who specialises on printing on fabric. I have tried a few things in my studio but my lack of knowledge produced disappointing results. Luckily I have found a wonderful  artist who lives near my daughter, who designs fabric and wallpapers! 
I'm happy now the design is complete......all set for next week...I will keep you posted!