Tuesday, 16 August 2016


It's been nearly four months since I posted on my blog....I do feel ashamed to have left it so long.
It's been a busy summer, I am happy to say, my painting mojo came back....a health issue is now resolved, my mind at rest.
I have been using this year as a year to experiment and I have , not dramatically so, but I can say I have progressed in some aspects!
I have been painting with acrylics......painting boats, I am loving this medium but only after purchasing more heavy bodied paints. I missed the meatiness of oil paint.
I love how I can glaze with acrylics, place it on thickly too,  how quickly it dries ( that used to be the thing that stopped me from using them)...it is amazing how if you just allow yourself to relax and be open minded , where it can all take you!
I won't leave it so long till my next post....I will open up about another little bit of experimenting I have been doing

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