Monday, 2 July 2012

Sketching at last

It is over a month since my break in the Cotswolds and I finally found the courage to go out sketching locally -I am very self conscious or have been up till now! Our little cocker spaniel came along on the last lovely day we had the other week. I left the house at 8.30am with my flask of coffee and packed lunch, meaning business! We headed for Balcary near Auchencairn. I decided to take the inland route, just incase the dog went too near the cliffs. Then I read a sign saying "cows and feeding calves, can be aggressive," so we took another direction! Millie bounded through the fields, having a whale of a time. I stopped to sketch some lovely foxgloves. Many years ago I used to wear the flowerheads on the ends of my fingers and pretend they were my pink painted nails! I had been told by my Mother not to touch them, as they were poisonous. Obviously I didn't listen, I was only 6 or 7 yrs old.

I had just completed my little sketch when a couple appeared behind me, they told me where to carry on with the walk and went on their way. Unfortunately they had disturbed a large herd of bulls, cows and calves! They managed to get over the hill and out of sight, Millie and I weren't so lucky! We were stuck in our field with the choice of either stay where we were or go back down to the car! I settled down to do another sketch while Millie snuffled about looking for mice and suchlike. It felt so liberating and I couldn't believe that I was, without thinking about it, only putting down a tiny bit of the vista before me! Previously I had the big problem of feeling there was so much "landscape", where would I begin! 

On Monday at Rockcliffe I attended a charity workshop to raise money for the Macmillan Nurses. Frances and David's garden was utterly gorgeous! I sneaked away to a little corner and managed to put down another little sketch in my book.

I am hooked! Now when I want to go out sketching, the rain won't stop!!!!! Sod's law!!


  1. Lovely sketches - and how liberating to realise that you are confidently trusting your own judgement to select just elements of the bounty in front of you. Great choices I think. I hope the rain stops soon, and that you have no more encounters with calves and their mothers :)

  2. Fantastic sketching - really superb!
    I have to admit to being too self conscious when sketching.