Sunday, 9 September 2012

Life Drawing Time Again

 My life drawing is a bit rusty but I enjoyed it so much this week! My 2 paintings were accepted into the Dumfries Fine Art Exhibition and.... my Pink Lace Cap Hydrangea painting, I showed in a previous post, SOLD on the preview evening!!! It's lovely to sell but to go during the preview feels great! 
I have been hard at work today completing another flower themed oil painting and trying to set up the studio for my second class this week. My husband came down with a cup of coffee and to keep me company - he fell asleep, this painting milarky must be soooo boring!!!!!!


  1. Good luck with the class
    Margaret Lansbrough

  2. congrats on the sale! How much do you sell your small paintings for? I couldn't see a price anywhere. And I love the life drawings - its on my list of things to try...sometime!