Friday, 7 September 2012

Teacher's Apple

I took my first class today! I stressed - a lot - beforehand but it went swimmingly, after I stopped dropping the still life items! I have 4 students, more than enough in my little studio, they are lovely.
Life drawing started back this week too. Wednesday evening was so good, relaxing almost. Kat her usual wonderful self, such a good model. Thursday evening had it's moments,I will say no more - Jif, you were great!
This trio of apples and the checkered cloth was a trial - painting wet in wet isn't easy, light blue meeting dark blue, criss cross - what shade of blue is it now? I loved painting the apples, the cloth, less so!
Dumfries Fine Art Society Exhibition preview evening tonight, looking forward to it - tomorrow morning - let me sleep till 8pm, please!!!!


  1. They look delicious enough to eat!

  2. You did a wonderful job with these! nancy

  3. Lovely painting, glad you class went well!

  4. You did such a beautiful work. really amazing!

  5. I'm thinking if you sleep till 8pm that morning may be over by then. It was fun to read a paragraph with so much buzzing around in your mind, the blues were much more important once I read your post, nice work.