Saturday, 29 December 2012

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

I have just signed up for the Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge!! Am I mad? No,I just need some motivation! My studio is out of bounds for a few days while my new floor insulation is being laid, hopefully I can best use this time to organise myself for the challenge! 
Now I know I won't be able to paint EVERY day so there will be days when I will have to do 2 or more paintings! Obviously they will be small, maybe VERY small! There are no penalties for not doing 30 paintings within the time scale but it would be nice if I could.

These old working boots were the subject of the first small oil painting I completed in 2012 and started me on a wonderful adventure. Having been exclusively a pastel artist for the past 7 years, after a hiccup or two, I am loving the complete change in medium and subjects!

I have since bought myself gouache paints and received a set of acrylic inks for Christmas! I had done a few little sketches with my gouache which I will post soon. I look forward to a new year of new and exciting challenges, which I promise to share over the next 12 months - but I'd best see my 30 paintings challenge through first!


  1. A little mad perhaps but we look forward to seeing the results :)
    The boots are lovely!

  2. Yes totally nuts, and the best fun! go you! I love your work.

  3. charming boots, i love the toes. Im curious to see where the 30 days takes you. Sometimes the best stuff comes out when forced, Ive found. Good luck with this!