Saturday, 23 February 2013

Life Drawing

During this season's life drawing sessions, my efforts have been pretty mixed. The paper wouldn't take the paint and water quite like my old sketch pad - I bought 3 of the new ones - clever, eh? Oh well, I will just have to use my old pencil!! This is one from this week, which I am happy with.
I used my spiral watercolour pad and watered down cheap black ink. I have used this ink many times last term and before, I have to say I love working with it. £2.99 for a big bottle. My new acrylic inks are so vibrant I hesitate to try them! I will have to step it up here - she who dares and all that!


  1. Well done. I think it is wonderful, Margaret.

  2. Thanks Sandy, really good of you to look and comment, nice to hear from you again too