Friday, 15 February 2013

White on White

This painting started as a white on white exercise, meaning the whole thing would be pretty much bleached out - I know, I kind of lost the white element along the way but I still like how it turned out!
For once the flowers are from MY garden! I held my class this morning and we discussed this painting - the background was then, a lot darker and the general opinion was that you wouldn't be able to see the snowdrops if the back ground was lighter!
After class, still on this white on white theme, I decided to adjust the background, making it much lighter - the snowdrops just popped, not just the flowers but the jug of flowers came alive.
I will continue to try to produce an authentic white on white work, but for now, I am happy with the end result today, though it may not be exactly as planned!


  1. A lovely painting, and I really like the background. White on white is such a challenge, but you did a great job!

  2. Thank you Linda - the end result was worth the struggle but will hopefully push it a bit more on the next!

  3. Lovely Painting Margaret! I love your background and the snowdrops do push forward. Great Job!

  4. Really nice of you to say so! Thank you, Debbie

  5. I think you have the white right because your highlights show up and gives it a really nice ceramic feel. Your snowdrops are my favorite part though - they are lovely.

    1. Thank you Julie for your comments, I have enjoyed the process!

  6. OOh Margaret have loved catching up with all your painting escapades. Wow, you did it and i can't see ANY doggy ones lol. Well done, i love the process and the wee snippets that go with each piece too. You have inspired me to get out my sketch book and set myself a challenge too. I recently realised my sketching has been non existant for months , so im going to try and do one daily for 30 days eek!

  7. Thank you Ruthie, I look forward to your 30 sketches - go girl go!