Thursday, 30 May 2013

I have returned!

I am still in the land of the living, though having painters' block for so long, it hasn't felt like it. Today I made myself come down at 8.30am to the studio and paint all day! I have tried this on numerous occasions and all I have ended up with was a couple of wiped boards, come evening.
I was trying to paint more tulips and now I believe I am done with them till next year.
I bought 3 osteospernum plants yesterday, they are such an unusual colour, not red, not pink, not orange  but a mixture of the three. These little dotty cups and saucers were bought from our first summer car boot sales in the town's harbour square. I love that shade of green.
Last Friday I drove 4 friends out round the Wigtownshire (Yellow)route during the annual Spring Fling Open Studios. We had a wonderful day, so sunny and I was happy showing them all my childhood haunts. The studios were fantastic and the artists gave so much of themselves, their techniques and painting processes, with their materials and sketchbooks all on show. The work was beautiful too. I went on the local route on Sunday with B. Susan and Jan were inundated with visitors and sales were good too! Their work was well worth seeing, fabulous.
This photo shows the girls heading into the Stable block at Castle Kennedy - the whole grounds of the castle just takes your breath away. Michael Clark's work in the stable block was stunning. At Port Patrick, our last studio of the day, Suzan Malcolm's still life paintings were just the cherry on the cake - she is a lovely person too.
Spring Fling Open Studios seemed to have lost it's way over the last few years but I am so glad I gave it another "go", they excelled themselves! Well done to everyone taking part.

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