Thursday, 2 May 2013

Looking for Mentoring/Critique Group Member!

Calling artists out there, in the UK, in the world - let's get together to mentor, encourage and critique each other's work? Are you in a "dry" period? As a group we can help each other through it by discussing our own dry periods, etc.....
I only need one person to join me to become a group! We can use Facebook, emails, skype - I have used it once, I am no expert but I WILL become one, have faith!!!


  1. Margaret! What a good idea! I would like to take part :)
    and I love this flowers - so blue, so delicate!
    I have not facebook, but I have blogspot as you do, and skype: bleu-rouge

    1. Can you email me so I can get your address? My email address is on my website.

  2. Thank you Natalie -we are officially a group! I will be in touch soon. I will email you direct at the weekend

  3. I would also like to join your group Margaret. Painting can be such a lonely existence. It would be great to have a group.

  4. Thank you Karla. This is exciting, we are a group of 3! Please email me so I can get your email address. My email is on my website,listed at the top of myblog page. I bet you are a skype expert too - I will need lessons! Speak to you soon

  5. Alan Brockbank5 May 2013 at 19:52

    Happy to be part of group, for what use I may be.

  6. Love your delicate flowers and the lovely colours. Good luck with your group idea, I hope that turns out to be useful and fun.