Thursday, 17 April 2014

Painters Block

I've been having great difficulty getting myself down to my painting. I started a still life at the weekend and was really excited with how it was going. I came down the next morning to find my lovely drooping tulips were standing poker straight! They haven't moved since, I am looking at them right now and I am calling them all the ..... under my breath!
Since then I am just lost for what to do! 

This afternoon I was listening to a podcast about artists block, all the while scribbling away on a scrap piece of cartridge paper. Before I knew it, I was drawing myself! I use a large mirror in the studio to check my values etc during painting and was sitting right beside it!

I actually enjoyed the process! All my scribbles are on the back of the sketch. In the podcast, one of the speakers suggested that having a block can mean you need to take a new direction. What's this telling me then? I love drawing people but hate the stress of commissions. Life drawing is my passion but very few buyers are looking for figurative work and certainly no galleries here show this kind of work.
Maybe I just need to buy silk tulips!!!!!!

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