Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Absence!

Life has been hectic, I have been tired and no painting has been done! I forced myself to the studio yesterday, playing a bit with colours on tiny wee boards and then decided to do a quick 6x6inch of my grandson Oliver opening a gift on his first birthday on 28 Feb!
I feel his head is a little too round but will correct that over the weekend.
He was rushed to hospital last night as his temperature was at 39.8deg. His doctor had diagnosed an ear and throat infection in the morning. He has been poorly since the weekend. He is now home in his own bed, temperature at a safe level and just hope the antibiotics kick in soon! They are all exhausted!

These are the little made up landscapes I played around with yesterday morning. I did enjoy the exercise even though I have been so tired this week.
Life drawing finished last night, thank goodness, all the organising, setting up, two nights a week for ten weeks finally at an end till September! I LOVE life drawing but it is too long without a break! I have a few things planned for the summer though!!
I end on a piece of fabulous news, our son and his wife, who have been married for nine years are expecting, the baby is due in September!!!! We just need little Oliver to recover quickly and all in the Milligan household will be hunky dorey!!

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  1. What a cute little boy. You did a wonderful painting - full of movement. So sorry to hear about the high temp. Do hope everything turned out okay after the antibiotics kicked in.. They are so helpless your heart tears in two seeing them suffer.
    Your different landscapes have an elegant feel. Very nice.