Sunday, 8 March 2015

May Exhibition

I am trying, very hard to get together the forty paintings I need for my solo exhibition in The Tolbooth Arts Centre, Kirkcudbright, commencing 6 May! Life keeps getting in the way and then, of course, there is the little matter of artist block.
I have been down to the gallery and measured the space....I put it off, knowing I'd freak once I knew the actual number needed.....I thought about forty.....and forty it is!
When having a break from the actual act of painting , I'm also mulling over titles for the pieces. Sometimes I can come up with something witty and clever but other times all I can think of is the most boring, " blue cup with oranges " etc so unless I can come up with witty for all, it will be obvious and boring. I know it is about the work but....
My show is called a Slice of life and this is my cover photo....I'll keep you posted on developments 


  1. A solo exhibition - how wonderful .
    40 painting by May ! Do you have any that that you completed earlier ? If only I was on the other side of the world I would visit. Instead I will look forward to seeing any blog posts you have time for along the way or opening night photos !

    1. Thank you Alissa, I hope to post as I go along, time allowing :)