Friday, 10 July 2015

The Figures Have It !

After spending the last few years painting still life, I feel I am reaching burn out. Painting 50 paintings for two exhibitions, was a tough one!
There were lots of highs and lows in the process but I learnt so much too, added a couple of new colours to my limited palette and I was delighted with the colours I could produce, just with this little tweak, upping the chroma in my work a little.

A few weeks of no painting, a teaching holiday and a short break, I started painting again yesterday.

Figures - my first love! The whole day was a joy! I'm working acrylic on watercolour paper, both challenging in themselves, as I am an oil on board girl!
I have no idea how this piece will pan out, I'm not pushing it, just enjoying the process...I am one lucky woman , to do what I do.

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