Saturday, 8 August 2015

Every Picture Tells a Story

I have painted these little shoes many times throughout my painting years. my daughter's first pair of shoes. They are well worn, the colour scuffed from the toes, where she tripped, often, in her hurry to be doing whatever her older brother was involved in at the time. The little t-bar creased where her little chubby feet had grown and spread, ready to move onto a bigger size.
Over the years, I drew them before I contemplated colour in my work. I rendered them in pencil, then charcoal.
Sometime later, I produced a pastel painting on canson paper. When I began using sanded paper, I found I could lay so many more layers down, loving the thickness of the medium.
When I first painted in oils, I mixed my reds as best I could at the time. 
This latest rendering of the little red toddler's shoes, in a way, shows where I am now, comfortable with colour mixing, loving painting with oils.
I love this little can be seen hanging upstairs in Kirkcudbright Town Hall till the end of the month.....yes, it is for sale and I don't mind selling it. I have the orginal footwear which I am sure I will paint again, sometime in the future.


  1. I love it too...especially the colors with the perfect values.