Saturday, 22 August 2015

Latest Workshop Pics

I am satisfyingly weary tonight after a successful workshop today! I had six lovely ladies sign up to paint a little still life in a day, using Winsor and Newtons Artisan water mixable oils!
I spent the day before, cooking and baking workshop lunch and goodies, set up the hall in the evening with just last minute things to do this morning before my students arrived.
As usually happens when people share the same interests, the girls got on famously. 
I decided , this time. to do my demo in stages and I think that worked well, especially as colour mixing with a limited palette, was relatively new to about half the group. So I talked them through, as I mixed my colours, you could hear a pin drop!  Then they started mixing. I then helped them to place their still life on their boards.
Lunchtime - already! There was great hilarity at the table, fun stories, daft stories and getting to know each other stories!
I did another demo, paint application, how to paint glass....the girls picked it up very quickly! 
As we reached the tricky bits, I decided we should have a break, coffee and homemade cake, more laughs round the table!
They had a finished piece of work each at the end of the day, so proud of them all!

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