Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Life Drawing Workshop

I hadn't done any life drawing since March so was feeling very apprehensive about our one day workshop on Saturday. 

I used a thicker pen than usual on watercolour paper - these were all quick poses, 5 or 10 minutes - Kat hadn't been  modelling for a while but you would never have known, she is so good - naturally aware how to place her body and looks relaxed, every time.

We used our new fullsized easels - we raised the money to buy them by holding a soup and sweet event earlier this year. B helped transport the easels and get the hall all ready, I could never have done it without him.

I used gouache on the top coloured piece then used my pen on top. The last piece was done in the afternoon, using my oils - it is really only an oil sketch but hope to work on it later in the year.
Kat is wearing her vintage belly dancer's costume. I haven't done it justice, I loved the subtle colours.

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