Thursday, 25 July 2013

Countdown to Art Trail 8 to go

I had a bit of a panicky morning yesterday - will I ever get everything done and NOT be completely shattered on day one of the Kirkcudbright Arts and Craft Trail 4 day event?

The frames had one coat of paint yesterday, I have been down this morning (5am) and given them a second coat. Hopefully they will be dry enough this evening for me to sand them and give them a final 3rd coat of paint!
You know when you start tidying up or clearing out a cupboard and you are in a bigger mess than when you started - that is where I am in the process of tidying up my studio - the photo shows the state it is in!! That is the tidy side, over on the left the frames are drying and by the door I have piles of stuff that need to be placed somewhere else for the duration!! I have been trying to eat porridge at the same as time as blogging - impossible, by the way! I vacate the kitchen when B gets up as he spreads himself and his "stuff" from one end of the kitchen to the other. He like the TV on, I prefer the radio.... we do get on, honestly, just not first thing in the morning!


  1. You will be fine Margaret!! Looking forward to seeing it all.

  2. Good luck with the trail and I'll find my way to your venue at some point on it. 92 venues in the brochure this year - that's a fair bit of leg work, though perhaps I cheated a bit by popping down to the town hall today and getting myself a Kirkcudbright Square (turned out it was your's I got two years ago)

    1. There is a FREE bus, Sandy, get yourself up here - venue 69 - no excuses - have a cream tea! Thanks for buying my "square" - who's did you buy this year?