Saturday, 7 September 2013

Still Life Demo Part 1

Earlier today I finished off 3 paintings I started for the Whitehouse Gallery, which feels great... getting there, slowly. This piece is just something I decided to show you step by step. I started this late on in the day, once the other 3 were completed.
I quickly sketched in my still life subjects with a watery grey oil mix - I know it looks like a long necked skinny tortoise who's lost his back legs! This was done on my 6" square board. It is just a simple guide.
Can I use the old phrase? Do you know what it is yet? I usually paint one part of my paintings almost completely before moving to the next but this time I covered a fair bit of the entire painting quite quickly. 
I love painting glass so that was the part I concentrated on at this point. Previously putting down the shadows also helps to get the tone right for the rest of the painting. I made a dark mix for the brambles using ultramarine, alizarin crimson and a touch of cadmium yellow light. To get it even darker, I added a tiny amount of phthalo (blue)

Part two - to follow!

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