Saturday, 21 September 2013

Watercolour Workshop with Victor

Things have been pretty hectic lately and still are, really, but today was my day off from all the stresses and strains - a one day workshop with watercolourist Victor Henderson 
Victor doesn't draw anything out, he goes straight to the paper with his watercolours, sumptuous hues, letting them bleed and flow. He adds many different things, salt, alcohol, soft and oil pastels, inks and more. Making marks with not only his favourite hakes and mop brushes but whatever comes to hand, including his fingernails - still attached to his hand I may add!
His witty repartee just made the day even more enjoyable - if you are in an art group in the UK - book this artist! He supplied all the materials for the day! Considering I don't paint in watercolour normally, this was just fantastic! We held the workshop in Ringford Hall. Just before leaving for the day, Victor donated a large painting to Ringford's forthcoming fundraising event,for a cancer charity! What a gem!

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