Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Poet, She knows It!!

My friend, Pauline is one of the most imaginative people I know! I may be a little biased, especially as she has written a poem about yours truly and the 30 in 30 Challenge! "Colour" was the theme set by Pauline's tutor at her weekly poetry class....

The Challenge

My friend rises at six
Begins to paint
A challenge set
Painting a picture a day
Mixing colour in the half light
Tilting the lamp
She picks up her brush
Applies the paint.
I turn over in my bed
It's eight o'clock
Another half hour I decided
A hour drifts by
As I make coffee she admires her work
Painting fifteen complete
The flower colours glow.

Pauline Saul
February 17 th 2014

Pauline is on a challenge of her own, a brooch a day for the month of February! They are gorgeous! I have a "hare" booked! go to her facebook to see what she has been up to!


  1. How neat to have a creative friend. Lucky both of you. I enjoyed the poem and laughed at her snoozing.
    I loved the photo of the young girl on the beach in your previous post and enjoyed seeing the different hares.

  2. Thank you Julie. Not much painting getting done this week. Spent the weekend trying to produce something of worth but it just wasn't happening so have decided to just walk away for a few days. Hope it works!