Saturday, 8 February 2014

Snowdrop Glassware

I know, I said I would post Wednesday but I had my life drawing session. I thought I'd post Thursday but it was  a glorious day and I spent it out with the dog. I thought I'd post Friday after my class but the dog won again! I thought I'd post this morning but we had a powercut! 
The week of "buts" reminds of being a child when my life was just a series of "buts!" Time to get up for school...but I'm tired!! Tidy your bedroom...but I'm playing! Finish your dinner....but I'm not hungry! Time for bed....but just 5 more minutes! The usual parental reply to that one was "get your buts and your butt into bed right now!"
8" square oil on board £135 incl UK postage

I hope my wee snowdrops will "but-ter" you up till my next post!!

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