Monday, 17 February 2014

Hare Today, Hare Tomorrow

It has been a weekend of hares! I spent all day Saturday having great fun, linocutting. The workshop was run by Harry Potter cover illustrator, Claire Melinsky. We all produced such different work, which was fascinating in itself!
One lady was an embroiderer and was printing on fabric, building up a design that she can machine embroider over and enhance her design even further. Our token male, a young man who was there with his wife, produced such different designs too!

Yesterday, Sunday, I tidied the studio, changing things around, my shadow box is in the middle of the room now. We had a bracing walk on the beach after lunch, watched a silly film in front of a roaring fire, while our meal cooked

Now this might seem a bit strange for a woman in her fifties, but I LOVE the under 8s kiddies, Katie Morag series on CBeebies TV! The new series started this evening, it was all I expected it to be! Her grannies are two very different beings but she loves them equally. In this story, one granny comes to look after the other, who has a bad back! She decides to clean the house, using a spray cleaner called "dicht!" For all non Scots, it will mean nothing! To me and many others, it will remind them of their mothers' standing with a wet facecloth (flannel) calling us to "come till I dicht your face, you're a sicht!" In other words, get you face washed, you are a sight!! The "ch" is pronounced as you would in "loch."The top photo Katie Morag and her grannies

Lastly, come early evening, I got my pencils out and sketched the same hare, I used for all my linocuts


  1. Such an exciting weekend! Love all your hares. Have a great weeks.

  2. Thank you Maggie, it was fun!! There will be more hares..... Hope everything is good with you! X

  3. Loved all your hares!! I was looking at your 30 in 30 collage - its BEAUTIFUL, loved your collection of glass vases and flowers!! GREAT collection. Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

    1. You are very welcome, you are doing well! Thank you so much for your comment and for following, I really appreciate it!

  4. Loved all your hares :) you have a beautiful blog :) have a look at my fine art blog :) hope you like it :)