Monday, 8 September 2014

Still on the Copper

I'm still plodding away with this painting of my copper pots. I was at a loss what to paint and had spent a few hours in my studio, looking for inspiration and had decided that perhaps, I was done with Still Life!
I took myself down to the studio one evening, still looking for the elusive idea! My eye caught my collection of smaller copper pieces that I had strung on a piece of purple ribbon hanging in front of the window! Why hadn't I noticed them before? 
I think I had to view them with the dark of the evening behind them, to see something new in the copper.
So I am only painting whilst it is dark outside, hence the very early mornings - a nap is necessary at some point during the day, as I am back out painting in the evening!
I still have loads to do, the little jug base is all about suffering,for your art!

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