Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Beach Daddy

The weather was glorious today, I went along to my first Thai Chi class (forgive me if my spelling is wrong) this morning. It was wonderful! During the relaxation at the end, I was almost nodding off to sleep!! I can't believe I will ever be able to remember the moves, I was watching our instructor intently! When she changed direction and I couldn't see her, I was all over the place! 
I collected my new studio shelving units from the joiners at lunchtime and gave them a coat of paint as soon as I got them out of the car (2 journeys and I slid them out using a folded tarpaulin I had placed in the boot before they went in.) The worktops were delivered while I was at Thai Chi. My nearest and dearest has promised to put them in place on Sunday. That'll give me a few days to tidy up ready for my new classes.
The painting "Beach Daddy" shows a very clever Dad, who said he would stay and watch the bags, while the other adults and all the kids headed out for a paddle and swim - he settled down with his book within minutes! I enjoyed getting the chance to use some bright colours!


  1. The pile of bags and the jetty mirroring balances the piece nicely. I really like the sun reflecting on his legs.

  2. Like your Colour and style. Keep going.

  3. I'm glad you got the link posted. The painting is really nice, actually both a nice. You'll get the drift of posting links if you post more often. :>)
    Jesse/Joan, where the west gets wild.

  4. This is a fantastic painting. And your style is really vivid.


  5. I love that you are getting out and painting Margaret, the composition of this is wonderful. Good for you doing Tai chi ~ i like the sound of that its supposed to be very grounding isn't it? Was great to get back to life drawing again, yay.

  6. This is fantastic. You captured the skin tones so beautifully! Smart Dad, too! :-)