Friday, 24 August 2012

More cherries

I know - more cherries! I can't help myself!! I so enjoyed painting this one! They have now all been either eaten, or thrown out because they were mushy. I have a bag of pears in the fridge.....

I am having a couple of cupboards made for my studio, I'm waiting patiently (not), the place is a mess! I struck lucky yesterday, as I parked my car near one of our local charity shops. Someone had left 4 great looking, well upholstered, office chairs on the doorstep! I hadn't time to wait for the shop to open, so thought I'd missed my chance! One of the ladies who runs the place was out early, shopping. She also saw the chairs dumped there and afraid they were going get wet, she duly opened up the shop to drag them inside!! I jumped in to help but also managed to buy 2 for my studio for the grand total of £8! Bargain!!! They are very comfortable too!!! For once I was in the right place at the right time!

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  1. You cant beat a bargain, and that's sounds like a great one. I am so loving your little square paintings, your style is beautiful, so expressive & I really love the colour palette you use. Thoroughly enjoyed reading up on your art trail experience too, sounds like you had great fun. It really is lovely to meet customers isn't it. My highlight was meeting a lady who had met Jessie M King and been in her studio as a child!!! swoon.