Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 1 Art and Craft Trail

The trail is now underway! Day 1 completed! My first job of the day was baking a huge batch of scones for serving with our cream teas! To say I was stressing a little is perhaps an understatement! Lesley ( my daughter) and Becky, my jewellery makers, went round town displaying posters and placing markers and arrows to our venue ( my studio in our garden).
My dear friend Lorna came along to help, she is a born saleswoman!
The sun shone on us, we couldn't believe it! People piled in, perusing the paintings, jewellery and ceramics and buying a little along the way! We met a lot of lovely people.
Our lantern and beach art workshops went down well too. With only one scone left at the end of the day, the cream teas were a roaring success! I enjoyed that last scone with raspberry jam and a cup of tea this evening!
The girls are fast asleep and I am nodding off during this blog - so goodnight - I'll keep you posted on the following 3 days


  1. Great that it went so well! Hope you enjoy the rest of the trail and that you have equally good days.

  2. Congrats on your success! It sounded like fun.