Friday, 10 August 2012

Day 3 and Day 4 Art and Craft Trail

Well, it's all over, we are all exhausted but exhilarated too! I sold another 4 paintings, the girls lots more jewellery and our potter had very little to take back home!

The kids were a joy, their parents and grandparents enjoyed the art and their cream teas! We were so lucky with the weather, Scotland being Scotland, we were prepared for the worst! We even fed the drivers on the free bus dropping off and picking up our visitors!

The whole experience was like having a 4 day party in the garden! Well, it WAS a 4 day party!

I have been approached by a few people about art lessons, so I am preparing for them as I write this blog, even though I haven't moved a thing in the garden or studio back where it stays!

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