Monday, 18 November 2013

Exhibition Going Well

I seemed to have neglecting my blog of late, sorry to all my followers. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day and even when there is, I don't have any energy left.......
Only 2 more weeks of life drawing sessions, I love it, but it is something else to think about.
Along with 8 other artists I attended a Kevan McGinty workshop on Saturday. Kevan works very freely and in acrylics - the very opposite from the way I work. I had NEVER painted in acrylic in my life till that day! All I used them for was tinting my gesso for my oil panels!
We used them like watercolours, we dripped them on, we ladled on gesso, we washed over that. We cling filmed, scraped back.... after feeling completely lost in the morning - as well as covering my face and specs in spatters of bright green paint, I began to really enjoy myself. Kevan is such a nice man, he made the day very special!

Today I sold another painting at the Whitehouse Gallery's in their "Little Wonders" exhibition - that makes four pieces sold in total, so far. The exhibition closes in early Jan, so get yourself along and see all the paintings, sculpture, jewerelly, ceramics, glassware, woodwork, and so much more! This is the work I sold today.
This coming Saturday, I have my own workshop "Oil Painting in a Day" so am using every spare minute to get my self organised as well as working on portrait commissions. Xmas is going to creep up on me again, at the last minute, like it does every year lately!
Anyone interested in attending my future workshops, send me an email through my website or a message on Facebook

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