Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Female Model 1 Life Drawing

This lady is such a character and will try anything for us, so wearing high heels and nothing else, didn't phase her at all.
I love the way she holds her head as she poses and try to get the head done first. As I said in a previous post, the variety of props has been interesting! I took a fit of the giggles when the tennis racquet was brandished by our model! She took no offence but said if she had had a ball, it might have came in my direction!
This lady of "a certain  age" is so vivacious, she does her own modelling slots and when one of the other models can't make it for any reason, she always helps us out! You may notice a little tail on one of the sketches..... Tony was in charge of the poses that evening and requested, "think mermaid" which I duly did, hence the tail! Great fun....

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