Friday, 13 June 2014

Little Iris

This is the Iris I begged from my father in law's neighbour. They have a lovely garden. The irises are right beside the pavement, just staring at me as I walked past!
This is a little 4x4 inch which I think I will suspend in a little box frame. It is for sale!
It is so loosely painted, why cant I paint like this when I go bigger? Think I need to mix more paint and use BIG brushes!


  1. LOVE this one. Beautiful, Margaret. I love the still life on DPW today as well.
    Your work is always a treat to visit. So professional and you have a genuine eye for color and beauty.
    I agree - I always try to go bigger with brushes and knife when I go with a larger sized support..

    1. Thank you Julie. I'd better get a knife hunted out then xx