Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Zorn Lesson

I attended a Zorn Limited Palette one day workshop with Euan McClure the runner up of UKs Portrait Artist of the Year 2013!
I had never owned a tube of black paint, never mind painted with the stuff! I felt like a fraud even going into the shop to buy it!
Boy, you make the most beautiful natural skin tones with this palette! No more tan- tastic skin on my life sketches!
There just wasn't enough time to finish our pieces!

Check out Euan's portraits and his still life paintings are just as good!


  1. Black does a lot more than skin tones, too. Mix it with varying amounts of yellow and you will get some very nice greens that will look good in a landscape. Add a touch of white to this mix and lighten the tone for some distance greens. A good black is a great thing to have on your palette, no matter what anyone else says.

  2. That is really interesting Dave, I liked the way the tutor got us
    Purists to mix black into our colours from the get go so we couldn't hold back, it was in there! I must admit, I loved the greens.