Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sketchbook Saturday 28th June

Remember it is the first Sketchbook Saturday this Saturday 28th June at Broughton House, High St, Kirkcudbright!!  10am-12noon only £10
Weather permitting we will be in the garden, if not, I will set up still life subjects and we also have the studio interior to sketch too!
Prebook your place, just by emailing

This little sketch was done on the train back home on Monday, the first leg of my journey...
This lady had a little dog on her lap but it was just out of my view.. The second leg of my journey was hell....... I was booked into the Quiet Zone coach with a man sitting across from me, swearing, drinking cider and playing music at full blast on his phone with no headphones! Certainly no chance of sketching there, I'm sure he would have sat beside me if I'd produced a sketchbook! What a long three hours is was till he got off!

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