Monday, 21 July 2014

Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangea Blooms - I am so pleased with this one, Hydrangeas are so lovely to paint, the colour range is vast, love them, love them! 
I have been up since before 6am , out painting frames in my nightie and painting cardigan, wonderful combination, believe me! Then that's when things started to go downhill, the two frames I glued and clamped, fell to bits when I started pinning them this morning, agh! So crabbit, I've left them.
I am sitting in at the Tolbooth Arts Centre this morning, a gorgeous exhibition of renowned artisan silversmith and designer Michael Lloyd's work, it's on till the 27th. You can see his designs from the sketchbook stage up to the finished piece, fascinating plus I love looking at artists sketchbooks!

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