Thursday, 17 July 2014


I don't have a name for this one, so I'd appreciate suggestions!
I feel like I've been spinning like a top today. I sold another painting yesterday at the Town Hall and took down two spares this morning as everything is now on the wall. When I got home, I got a call to say another one has sold!
I am panicking, I'm trying to paint stock for Kirkcudbright Art and Craft Trail which is on in only two weeks. I make my own frames, it is so time consuming...
This afternoon I am painting hydrangea blooms, it is going so well.... then the blooms wilted with the heat and my spotlight while I was painting a batch of frames...eek!


  1. These paintings are lovely Margaret, I particularly like this Nasturtium, the colours are lovely and fresh and that orange is fab against the background. The brushstrokes are great. You're so good at keeping going - you make me feel horrendously lazy!

  2. Thank you Evie, where have you been? I find there are hardly any people looking at my blog these days and wonder why I carry on with it. There is much more going on with facebook, at least you know folk are looking. If I do get bloggers looking, never get a comment. Very disheartening, it won't ever stop me painting but my blog is special to me. I've revamped my website, which I love. All this technology keep me posted on what you are up to. My facebook page is margaretsmilliganfineart. Lovely to hear from you

  3. Hi Margaret,
    Your website is great, it looks very professional indeed.

    I'm grand and happy with the quiet doldrums of blogland, as for me it's just a bit of a diary. Most of the pics get chucked/painted over/given away, so I like my little record. I think if people looked at it I'd feel even more guilty at being so unproductive ! Neither am I a facebooker - eeek - all those people! I suppose as I'm not trying to sell anything, then having any sort of a presence anywhere can be nicely avoided:-)

    Good luck with all your open days and your wonderful artistic activities - I hope it all goes fab for you

    Good luck with your open days and all your hectic activities!