Thursday, 3 July 2014

Left Over Oil Paint!

After picking up on the tip given by portrait artist Nicky Philipps as she painted Simon Westons's portrait, I have no worries of having to throw out expensive paint or going into the studio in the morning to crusted over paint! She places her paints in the freezer the night before, so she is ready to start in the morning!
I now put all my leftover paint, the stuff straight from the tube and the mixed paint, on my enamel plate, covered with cling film straight into my outhouse chest freezer on my way back to the house! It also means my studio palette is all clean and ready to go the next day!
The flat plate has just been taken out, I'm going to go back to a work I started at the weekend. The enamel bowl is just going in the freezer, colours I have been using this morning!
I also love to see the colours and tones I have mixed, all together and looking pretty!

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