Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bluesy Thursday!

What a day I have had! Initially I could hardly drag myself out of bed but once I'd showered, I was fine. Today was to be a whole painting day but I still had some boxes of stuff to put back into the studio after the art trail. I took down a plastic box full of spotlamps, forgot my keys, back up to the house for the keys! I got started and so did the rain - completely chucking it down! Twenty minutes later I realised that I'd left the box of lights out in the rain! They are ruined!
At 10am I came up to the house for a coffee, opened the mail and found some "******" had spent over £200 on my credit card! I felt like I'd been slapped! What a horrible feeling! I will be so scared to buy online now! I was a bit unsettled after that, really. B came home for lunch and I burnt the scrambled eggs!
I am desperately trying to get a load of paintings done for my two upcoming exhibitions and did manage to get some work done today. I have one almost done and another half way through.
Hopefully tomorrow will be sunnier all round.............

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