Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 3 Art and Craft Trail

I had a lie in this morning, till 7am and must say, I felt refreshed! I baked my scones after breakfast. We tidied up and headed to our monthly carboot sale for half an hour before we opened for the Trail.
My grandson, Oliver got a new sunhat - cute or what? Sadie had opened up the studio by the time we got home - she brought lunch for us all too - yummy! It was a really sociable day for me, sitting talking to friends and strangers alike who came along to see our work. The weather was glorious. B was in charge of the baby in the morning with my son and daughter in law coming along to take charge after lunch. Father in law came along for his cream tea - quite a family gathering!
I bought a special right angled ruler at the carboot plus an enameled coffee pot for my still lifes. It's hard to look at stuff (other people's rubbish) whilst in charge of a baby buggy!
Apologies to the kiddies we didn't take photos of today!

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